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TNE has two service workshops under the Toyota Customer Service Marketing (TSM) that ensures constantly upgraded services as certified by Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan.

Adhering to Toyota’s top global standards, our expert TSM-certified TNE service team offers you a complete line up of automotive services at your beck and call. From Periodic Maintenance Services to Body and Paint Repair, TNE guarantees grade A coverage for your requirements – all these backed up by the most comprehensive, most advanced all-weather line up of equipment and machinery.



With today’s high prices of tires and worsening road conditions, we at TNE encourage our valued clientsto give importance to wheel alignment and tire balancing. These are ways to prolong the life of your tires and, ultimately, to ensure your safety every time you ride in your Toyota.

Because your safety and convenience are primary to us, TNE has upgraded its facilities through the installation of the most advanced Beissbarth wheel aligner, tire balancer and tire changer at its FAB Section. These first-rate, German-made equipment enable our TNE team to determine even the smallest decimal millimeter difference in your tire alignment and balancing details. Once determined, the team, using these high-end equipment, adjusts and perfects these differences for real value for your money.


Machining rotors on the car is the only method to precisely compensate for lateral runout in the hub and bearing, a major factor in eliminating customer comebacks through vibration problems from pedal pulsation and noise. Machining also saves timewhere the removal of the disc from the hub is not easy and brake discs are machined on both sides in one operation.

Here are the other benefits of TNE’s On Board Skimming Machine

  • Easy operation and perfect results regarding surface finish, parallelism and lateral runout of the brake disc.
  • Better braking performance through perfect seat and grip between pad and disc surface.

Expect enhanced vehicle performance through our expert team of washer welders.

  • Faster repair on minor and major dents.
  • Lesser putty application resulting to faster preparation process.

Get a firm grip on your peace of mind with TNE’s inhouse Mig Welder which masterfully connects car body parts without jeopardizing the strength of the metals.


Choose TNE infrared dryers for a faster and smoother finish on your Toyota!

  • State of the art drying equipment for painting that penetrates evenly.
  • This reduces drying time process for faster paint finish.
  1. Spray Booths and paint Ovens

Body and paint as good as brand new? Ask TNE to serve you.

Equally competent with the General Job Section’s FAB and Heavy Repair Service Department, TNE houses the latest equipment used by top servicemen for Body and Paint Repair Services.

The impressive line of facilities and amenities like five paint booths, two spray ovens, washer welders, mig-welders, 2K Sikkenz paint and productive bays, plus certified and highly qualified body & paint technicians are just some of what Toyota Balintawak offers for your vehicle’s Body & Painting Repair requirements.

  1. On board diagnostic testing machines or GTS (Global tech stream system)

This highly advanced equipment easily determines the troubles of the TCCS engine and functions as an all around diagnostician of cars and its parts.

  • Saves time in its quick and efficient diagnosing process that accurately pin points failed parts
  • Upgradable that even the latest vehicle releases can be diagnosed.
  1. Frame Aligners

TNE Frame Aligners allow for a perfect fit on your Toyota every time!

  • Body frame and chassis savior giving minimal cost of repair.
  • Better savings to our customer.
  • Precisely align chassis and frames at a minimal time.
  1. BP Quality Control Area

TNE ensures every car driven out of its garage has passed the world class Kaizen standards of Toyota.

  • Its 1,500 lux gives high density of illumination that is similar to a natural source of light.
  • Paint defects can be easily seen thus improves Quality of painting prior to customer delivery.
  1. Aircon freon Recovery and recycling Machine

Another TNE environmental care contribution, this machine enables us to help save our planet from global warming by preventing freon exposure to surroundings and protecting our ozone layer.

  1. Welcome Board
  • A digital way of welcoming appointment customers.
  • Gives our customers a warm welcome and encourage walk in customers to make anappointment for their next servicing.
  1. Express Maintenance System

A three-man team of skilled technicians that do periodic maintenance service on your vehicle for reduced time of repair to one hour.

  • Improved hydraulic equipments are installed to minimize waiting time for customers and enhance our technicians’ performance
  • Improved synchronized repair procedure to increase quality of repair in just one hour
  1. Periodic Maintenance


  1. Express Maintenance System

Inspired by Kaizen, the Air Filter Dust Collector is a customized dust collection system that prevents exposure of dust from air filters to surroundings. This helps prevent respiratory concerns for both from TNE staff / workers, and likewise to our customers.


To maximize your blissful Toyota experience, TNE offers only the finest auto enhancers in the industry.
  1. Engine Decarbonizer
  • Minimizes engine carbon deposits
  • Cleans engine combustion chamber• Improves engine power and fuel efficiency
  • Prolongs engine life
  1. Engine Flushing
  • Removes undesirable particles from the oil
  • Minimizes engine sludges to improve lubrication system
  1. Fuel System ConditionerDiesel engine
  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Boosts fuel octane
  • Lubricates injection pump
  • Neutralizes air and water contaminants
  • Reduces emission
  • Improves fuel efficiencyGasoline engine
  • Removes engine deposits
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Ensures proper fuel and air mixture
  • Controls formation of combustion chamber deposits
  • Maximizes combustion efficiency
  • Restores engine performance
  1. AC Enhancers
  • Lowers air condition temperature cabin
  • Prolongs aircon compressor life
  1. Rustproofing
  • Protects and prolongs your car body shell life from rusts
    *TNE Rust Protection Program gives you worry free and long time engagement with your car.
  1. Detailing
  • Extreme thorough cleaning gives your vehicle a show-quality level
  • Improves appearance and thus helps preserve resale value of car
  1. Glass and Headlight Treatment
  • Removes stain and oil film• Improves glass clarity• Smoothness wiper performance
  • Protects glass from stain
  • Exhibits hydrophobic effects
  • Improves rain visibility and safety


In a very busy and fast-paced environment, we neglect to have our vehicle have its periodic maintenance services. This system is designed to remind our valued clients their next periodic maintenance service a week or two before the scheduled date. The system computes based on the vehicle history dates and mileage.

Express Maintenance Services

  • Guaranteed one hour periodic maintenance with our express maintenance services
  • Dedicated service advisor will be waiting for you at agreed time
  • Three (3) Toyota Certified Technicians ready to immediately

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