Toyota North Edsa


At the heart of Toyota North EDSA lies the key to our success: Our People. Through the years we have been bonded together by Toyota’s Kaizen Approach: continuous improvement or change for the best; That everything and anything can be made possible – can be made the best! – if we continuously improve together. One by one we tackle every challenge with a sense of excitement for learning and innovation. We hurdle every obstacle with the goal of making what we do better each time.

As we grow into a company at the top of its class, we know that it is essential to manage our business processes and our people through micro organization. We believe in a more specialized, one-on-one approach when it comes to our people and our customers because each have unique needs and wants. To provide focused attention and care for them means having a personal level of understanding of each one of them. This, we believe, is what sets us apart.

Join us as we become better every day to serve you.

Enjoy the best Toyota experience right under our roof!


By 2025, we will be the Number 1 Dealer Group in the Philippines as measured by Market Share, Profitability and Consistent Delivery of our Happiness Goals to our Team Members and Customers


To be the most TRUSTED and RELIABLE group of automotive dealers by providing Exceptional Experiences to our Customers.


Toyota North Edsa (TNE) started out as Toyota Balintawak North (TBK-North) and was officially opened by Mr. Akira Yokoi – EVP of Toyota Motor Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, Mr. Takeshi Fukuda – President, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation and the Chairman and President of Toyota Balintawak Inc. Atty. Reginaldo A. Oben on November 27, 1998.

On January 1, 2010, the name TBK-North was changed to Toyota North EDSA to have its own identity.
After 15 years, TNE, now run by the new President Don Juan Miguel A. Oben (DJMAO) son of Atty. Reginaldo A. Oben, is one of the most successful dealers of Toyota Motors Philippines (TMP).

Built and run by strong management and a team of hardworking and dedicated TNE staff/workers, TNE continues to deliver world class skill and quality products that meet the high standards of Toyota. A consistent achiever in all of TMP’s prestigious certifications and awards such as Customer Service, Toyota Dealers Success Program, Express Maintenance certified, and Kodawari.

TNE has proven time and time again how Kaizen truly works in its system and how it helps the company succeed.

Today, TNE looks forward to many more years of quality sales and service, moving faster and better than ever to become the premier Toyota dealership in the country.


Environmental Management

A strong advocate of the development of sustainable vehicles, TOYOTA NORTH EDSA is actively engaged in different programs that help improve Environmental protection. TNE adheres to societal measures that promote harmony with nature and protection of life.From the continues development of sustainable vehicles, TOYOTA NORTH EDSA is actively engaged in different forms of program that will improve Environmental protection thus, establishing a society in harmony with nature.

We are now firmly implementing the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ) program in all our operations:

We Reduce water consumption by Reusing/Recycling water from car wash and general cleaning jobs through the process of electrolysis. We contribute in Reducing carbon emissions by consciously and strictly monitoring our fuel and power consumption without sacrificing the quality of daily operations.

TNE believes that in the process of going about our business each day, if we take responsibility in caring for the environment, it will also help us make people’s lives better in every way.

Pursuant to our commitment to promote transparency in our operations, particularly in how we collect, use and store information, we have updated and posted our Data Privacy Policy.